Light Bulb Trick – Inverter Repair 2

In the first post I told the story of how I was going through my stack of inverters during a storm and finding them inoperative, and fixed number one. Here is the story of number two, and a demonstration of how to use a cheap incandescent light bulb as a valuable troubleshooting tool to help locate shorts while the circuit is powered up.



  1. Doc says:

    Yep…always look for the stupid stuff first. It’s nearly always quick and easy to fix. You usually think of it as a possible cause early on in your trouble-shooting, and then just don’t check it.

    It’s really bad when you’ve got two or more people working on something; everyone assumes that the others already checked the silly stuff. I once started a really long, involved sensitivity check of a RF distribution system on third shift, left the day shift with an exact description of where I stopped and the results so far, came back 16 hours later and they told me they couldn’t get anything to work…took a look at what they were doing, and set _one_ circuit breaker and the system turned on.

    Nanyways, great video! Nicely bridges the gap between “no electrical knowledge at all” and “have a master’s in EE”

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